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Welcome to Itracom...

We are the experts for pre-owned scaffold and shuttering. High quality pre-owned construction machines and other constructive tools of all kind, especially shuttering and scaffold directly from the expert. By all our products we care about optimum quality. Our shuttering and scaffold convince through a wide range of selection.

We are specialized to the trade of scaffold, shuttering and constructive tools and we are able to draw on a long developed specialist knowledge, as well as a long experience in the field of trade.
Itracom offers a wide range of choice within a good price range of the products.

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Special Offer - Scaffold

1002m² neues Rahmengerüst 100% Layher k

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Itracom purchases scaffold, shuttering and constuction tools of German fabricators all over Europe under good conditions. We assure you a fast purchase decision and a professional procesing.

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